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MVA Monthly Newsletter December 2023

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

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….. to our Monthly Newsletter.

The Montville Village Association brings people together to participate in a wide range of activities, for example, fundraisers like Trivia Nights, Montville Growers & Makers Market, sporting activities including tennis and soccer, environmental projects like Russell Family Park, community meetings and forums.

Our community is made up of many people from diverse backgrounds, age and interest groups. We value this diversity in our community. Our community grows healthier and stronger when we respect these differences and treat each other with kindness and courtesy. We acknowledge that, whilst we all live in this beautiful place, we don’t always agree and that’s ok. It is important that we all think about how we can listen and talk to each other in a thoughtful and considerate way. So next time you are at the sports ground, in the street or at the village hall, remember we are all responsible for making each other feel welcomed and a valued part of our community.

Feel free to share this newsletter and invite others to our events. Membership of the MVA is open to all with an interest in Montville, is free and doesn't come with any responsibilities. The size of our membership does impact our ability to speak for the Montville area, so invite your neighbours and friends! Contact Janny, the MVA secretary, on

Montville Growers and Makers Market this weekend!

Come and join us at the last market before Christmas. Cone along for a great selection of food and handmade items, or to enjoy the best pancake breakfast on the Range served by our friendly volunteers on the deck of the Montville Village Hall! Christmas shopping without the stress of an overcrowded shopping centre!

The market opens at 7:30 am on Saturday 9th December on Memorial Close in the heart of Montville and closes at noon. Pancakes are usually served until 10:30 or when they run out, so get yours in early!

Montville Citizen of the Year - Nominations Open!

It's on again! Montville Citizen of the Year and Lifetime Citizen awards for the people you know are doing great things in the community - going above and beyond, bringing out the best in others and helping to make this place the delightful spot that it is. In a world that is currently feeling out of kilter and somewhat disconnected (even though in truth we are very connected in so many different ways), this is an opportunity to show someone you respect how much you appreciate and notice the work that they do. Please send your nomination/s by January 1st - include the name of nominee and a paragraph or two on why you believe they are worthy recipients of either award to

13 December, 6 pm - Montville Carols on the Green

MVA Volunteering Opportunity - Every Sunday from 7 am

If anyone is interested in joining us, we are at Russell Family Park for one and a half hours from 7.00 am every Sunday. Morning tea is provided.

For further information please contact Eric Anderson – Mobile 0427 127 417.

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