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Montville Growers and Makers Market

The Montville Farmer’s and Craft Market, a monthly event that takes place in the heart of our town. You’ll find a tight-knit community coming together to enjoy live music, pancakes, and the company of their neighbours. Come and join us, and discover something truly special in our village.

The Montville Growers and Makers Market, which began in July 2009, is held on the second Saturday morning of each month in and around the Village Hall under the auspices of the MVA.

The market has stalls selling locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables; flowers and plants; homemade produce; fresh bread and cakes; organic foods and fair trade coffee; and natural juices and gardening products. It boasts a delicious, wholesome pancake breakfast and delicious treats to the dedicated market goer.

What's Great about our market

The Montville Local Produce Market aims to bring together people of all ages and backgrounds to build a strong, sustainable community.  We connect local producers and makers with local consumers to encourage local food production, food security and the informal transfer of knowledge about sustainable living. We involve young people to promote their active learning about sustainable food and the benefits of being involved in the community.

We believe that food grown without pesticides and food prepared with love tastes good too. That’s why we use many local ingredients and local volunteers to cook and serve our delicious and nourishing breakfast.

Volunteering & Stallholding

Our Montville Growers and Makers Market is run by the Montville Village Association for the benefit of the extended Montville Community, and the Montville Village Hall provides a place for our community to gather.

Stallholders pay a small fee to exhibit. There are guidelines about what is sold, and stallholders must check with the Market Co-ordinator to ensure their produce or craft fits within the scope of our market. We are after locally grown produce and locally made craft.

For further information, and to make stall bookings, contact Liz
via the email button below or a message via our facebook page.

Pancake breakfast menu
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