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Montville Village Hall

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Our versatile hall is the perfect venue for everything from weddings to birthday parties to community gatherings. With ample space and beautiful views, you'll be sure to impress your guests.

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Hall Hire costs

Conditions of Hire

The hirer of the Montville Hall acknowledges and accepts the following conditions in relation to the hire and use of the Montville Village Hall and its immediate surrounds.

  1. All exit doors must be unlocked for the duration of occupancy  of the hall to comply with fire safety regulations.

  2. The hirer is responsible for alerting all occupants as to the evacuation procedures and ensuring compliance with these in an emergency.

  3. Cooking is only permitted in the kitchen with approved kitchen appliances.

  4. Alcohol can only be sold with the appropriate permit, a copy of which must be provided to the Montville Village Association prior to the function.

  5. Smoking is prohibited within the hall and its surrounds.

  6. Music and loud noise must cease at 11:30pm and the hall must be vacated by 12:30am to comply with noise abatement regulations.

  7. All breakages an damages are the responsibility of the hirer.

  8. The hirer shall ensure all furniture, appliances, and equipment are returned to designated storage locations, in a clean and operational condition.

  9. The hirer shall remove all rubbish from the hall and its surrounds.

  10. The hirer shall ensure the hall is left in a clean and tidy condition, particularly the kitchen and toilet areas.

  11. A $1000 security bond is to be paid before the hire. This bond will be returned 30 days of the hall hire.

  12. The hall key is to be returned to the Hall Coordinator upon completion of the function.

  13. Before vacating the hall, the hirer shall ensure that:

    • all appliances, lights, and fans are turned off;

    • all taps and the hot water are turned off,

    • all doors and windows are secure

Please Note: The Montville Village Hall is heritage listed and is maintained by Montville Village Association volunteers, for and on behalf of the Montville Community.


Ruth Kuss 0429 997 771

MVA Function Hire Costs & Conditions
Version 8.2 Effective January 2023
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